Laundry Service for Raleigh & Knightdale, NC

Pope’s Dry Cleaners has 4 convenient locations, including Raleigh and Knightdale, NC to meet your dry cleaning and laundry service needs in Wake County.

We offer same day laundry service at no additional cost. Garments received by 9 am Monday-Friday will return that same day after 5 pm.*

Our laundry service include:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shirt Laundry
  • Wash / Dry / Fold
  • Bridal Care
  • Couture Care
  • Leather / Suede

  • Area Rugs
  • UGG Cleaning 
  • Alterations / Tailoring
  • Bedding / Household Items
  • Drapes
  • Storage / Preventative Care

laundry service Raleigh, NC

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laundry service Knightdale, NC


All garments, from casual and business attire to formal wear, are carefully cleaned with only the best materials by our experienced professionals and ready for you to wear. We perform a final inspection for spots, stains, and make any necessary repairs to ensure that everything is right.

dry cleaning Knightdale, NC


Hand finished laundry at its best. We clean, starch, press, and package your shirts by folding or hanging them according to your specific needs. Broken or missing buttons are identified and replaced at no additional charge.

laundry service Raleigh, NC


Our laundry services can include folding your clothes as well! Rather than paying for professional laundry services, then throwing your newly washed clothing straight into a drawer to get wrinkled, we can make sure it stays crisp and fresh. When you drop off laundry with us, know you'll get it back completely washed, dried, and folded!

laundry service Knightdale, NC


Your bridal gown is the most meaningful garment you will ever purchase. Its sentimental value will only increase in time. Since you have invested a great deal of effort, emotion and expense in its purchase, our expectations for cleaning and preserving your gown and your investment are remarkably high. From pretreatment to white glove final inspection to preservation, meticulous care and attention is given to every detail. Hand-finished preservation includes encasement of your gown in an acid-free box with clear viewing window and packed with acid-free tissue to preserve its original shape for generations to come.

dry cleaning Raleigh, NC


This is our Premium attention level, offering the highest standards in cleaning, pressing and finishing. Ideal for your high-end, couture garments you are most fussy about. Each garment is meticulously inspected not once or twice but three times. Each article is delicately enhanced with tissue to sustain proper shape and bagged separately to avoid compression.

dry cleaning Knightdale, NC


Cleaning adds conditioning which keeps leather soft and supple. These garments require special handling which is why we only contract reputable, proven specialists for processing these items.

dry cleaning Knightdale, NC


Let us renew those weathered boots and slippers. Keep them refreshed in season, and always do a thorough cleaning before storage in the off-season.

laundry service Raleigh, NC


Being clean and pressed is only one part of being well-groomed. The other part is having your clothes fit you like a glove and be in perfect condition, and it’s the attention to those details that separates POPES from the rest. Our detailed seamstress is ready to provide a range of services from torn pockets and broken zippers to tapering, hems, patches, and reweaving. Keep your wardrobe up-to-date by taking advantage of this service. Be sure to bring in the shoes you plan on wearing when making adjustments. Please allow approximately one week for completion.

drapery cleaning Knightdale, NC


From silk sheets to duvets, blankets, bed covers and sleeping bags and everything in between, our premier service cleans and packages your bed linen and household items beautifully. We apply a number of processes to ensure your items are completely sanitized and all stains are removed while preserving the rich saturated color and rejuvenating the plush down interior.

drapery cleaning Raleigh, NC


It is important to clean your area rug professionally because as it is used, dust, dirt and broken fibers are ground into the rug. Professional area rug cleaning thoroughly removes the abrasive particles which degrade the structural integrity of the rug, and make it look dingy. Extending the life of your area rug with professional area rug cleaning, is an investment which easily pays for itself with the extended years of use you will experience with your area rug.

drapery cleaning Knightdale, NC


Sunlight is a prime culprit in the deterioration of window treatments. It can fade the colors and if left for an extended period of time, it can cause shredding in the cleaning process. While quality linings can protect against sunlight, other factors continue to damage draperies, such as dust, soot, and smoke which can cause yellowing and streaking. Window treatments will endure longer if cleaned yearly.

dry cleaning Raleigh, NC


How would you like to have 50% more closet space by having your off-season clothing out of sight and out of mind? All of your off-season clothes are cleaned and stored as soon as we receive them to prevent stains and further damage. Our method of cleaning and storing your precious items in the off-season is the most effective method of protecting your clothing and fine fabrics. We offer moth-proof bags to protect your garments from common problems among fine woolens.

*Subject to change. Some items require more time and energy.

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